Want to Buy A Banned T-Shirt? Update

September 2nd, 2009

No word from Mr. Pollitt (yet), but I just sent another email offering to buy all the t-shirts from him.

3 Responses to “Want to Buy A Banned T-Shirt? Update”

  1. M. B. on September 3, 2009 5:06 am

    If you want to order one these shirts just E-mail your request to the producer directly


    I’ve read in an article that they are still producing the shirts, because they own the artwork and they can do with it whatever they want to do with it.

    Link to the article:

  2. Darryl Rabon on September 3, 2009 9:57 am
  3. DataJack on September 4, 2009 10:44 am

    If you are successful at getting the whole lot, Dr Kiki, I would buy some of them from you.

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