Just Say No…

November 25th, 2006

… to palm trees.

I never thought that I would actually applaud actions taken in Los Angeles, but here I am with my hands making repeated percussive emanations. LA has decided to outlaw palm trees. Yay!!! and, may all other places where palm trees are not found naturally follow in their footsteps.

I have a personal vendetta against palm trees, especially in places that they don’t belong. They are ugly, provide no shade, are a hassle to maintain, provide shelter for vermin, and are a threat to public health (heavy fronds plummet to earth from on high). While I have accepted palm trees as a part of the southern California cultural paradigm, I have a more difficult time dealing with developers who think they look great up here in the northern part of the state. Who thought it was a good idea to plant pam trees in Union Square in San Francisco?!? Idiots. They cut down perfectly good trees and replaced them in the name of progress with palm trees. Ugh. Leave southern California in the south where it belongs. Er, well, I guess now leave ’em in Florida.