Science and Society

March 28th, 2005

As Easter passes away yet again, I have to sit back and reflect on the similarities and differences between the way my family versus the rest of the christian world celebrates the holiday. First of all, nearly my entire close family sits on the atheist/agnostic fence. Save for my mom, who sticks to her Christian Science rearing. This mix usually ends up with what we consider to be enlightened conversations about society and the state of the world.

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Well, hello there, piglet.

March 22nd, 2005

Thought I might replace the tacky testing post with some real commentary. However, now is not really the time to be mucking about on the computer. There are brains to be sliced damnit!

Oh, how the motivation wanes when I am so near the end… only two to go, and I shall be freed of the bonds that shackle me to the cryostat. I’d much rather type ad lib about nothing in particular.

Hopefully, the future of this blog will bring you into the mind of a science geek with tendencies toward martial arts, hoola hoops, and whisky (not necessarily in that order). I’ve got visions of grandeur… bringing science to the masses, that sort of thing. First, I must complete my dissertation.

That brings me back to the brains, which I should be slicing right now. Piglet, have you seen my honey?