Science in America

November 24th, 2007

The October issue of Discover magazine had a series of articles about the state of science education in America written by various well-known scientists and experts in the educational system (a great read if you haven’t seen it yet). This month, I turned to the letters to the editor section of the magazine to find the responses from the magazine’s readership. Most were pretty much what I expected, “Thank you for publishing…”, ” No wonder we are losing the lead…”. Then I came to a letter in which the writer expressed dismay at a comment written by Lisa Randall. The letter, I believe, strikes at the heart of the disconnect that is felt between scientists and a good proportion of the American public.

Here is Lisa Randall’s “disturbing” statement:

“It is incredible that in this advanced nation we let beliefs impede scientific research.” Continue reading »

Thanks For Science

November 23rd, 2007

I am incredibly thankful for science. I thank science for allowing me to see the world with objectivity. I thank science for allowing me to see the world as it is, an amazing, awe-inspiring place. I thank science for giving me tools with which to learn more about my world. I thank science for never sitting still, but always striving for more. I thank science for challenging the status-quo. I thank science for teaching me that it is ok to subvert the dominant paradigm when knowledge necessitates a change. I thank science for the technology I use and the medicine I take. I thank science for the food that I eat and the buildings in which I live. I thank science for pushing humanity’s limits. I thank science for verifying and falsifying human beliefs. I thank science for making life easier and yet more complex all at the same time. I thank science for the information that will help me make an educated decision. I thank science for finding cures. I thank science for never saying that it is 100% certain. I thank science for always asking questions.

Do you have a reason for being thankful for science?

Something I never expected

November 20th, 2007

So, searching for a story for TWIS, I entered “Scientists Trap a Rainbow” into Google’s search field, and this is what came back:

Screen capture