The Curse of the Unhappy

November 19th, 2008

I absolutely love Mark Morford’s writing, and here yet again he drives the point home regarding the recent reports of television and depression coming from the General Social Survey. I hardly think unhappiness is the result of television, although it is still obviously in question, but as Mark so eloquently puts it:

“They don’t say, in this new study from the General Social Survey that found that unhappy people tend to watch lots more TV than “happy” people, even though it’s only about 30 percent more, and by the way who the hell knows how they calculated such a percentage, maybe something to do with retinal tracking and blink rates and blood viscosity, or perhaps just how many times the ghostly image of Tyra Banks or Keifer Sutherland or some hellspawn teen from “My Super Sweet 16” slithered into a study subject’s nightmares later on, after the TV flickered off and the Cuervo ran its course and the Ambien kicked in. Just a guess.

Anyway, they don’t say, in this cute and obvious new study, what everyone already knows: that there’s an entire universe of unhappy things that unhappy people also indulge in besides watching way too much TV, and perhaps those things are all interrelated, and it might be worth exploring those things too, because oh my God don’t you know this here life is a veritable liquid madhouse of unhappiness? A giant smoldering smoothie of misery and angst and vague feelings of inadequacy and spiritual barrenness? It’s the American way.”

2 Responses to “The Curse of the Unhappy”

  1. techpops on November 20, 2008 7:12 pm

    He is a pretty cool writer, might have to check out more of his stuff.

  2. Bastard Soap on December 31, 2008 3:28 pm

    “A giant smoldering smoothie of misery and angst and vague feelings of inadequacy and spiritual barrenness”
    Thats the cutest/funniest expression of despair I have ever heard 😛

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