So, There’s Some More Bad News…

April 13th, 2006

I was busy reading my friend Amy’s blog this morning, and was as bothered as she about the huge amount of downright bad news. Then I checked boingboing only to find another example.

In yet another subversive turn, evidence recently surfaced that a major telecommunications company has been shunting internet traffic to the NSA. According to an article in Wired News a 22-year employee of AT&T came forward with 140 pages of documents supporting his claim that AT&T created secret rooms in their switching stations that sent internet traffic to the government. The Eelctronic Fronteir Foundation has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of AT&T customers. AT&T is currently trying to have the evidence silenced, claiming that it contains proprietary information:

The lawyers argued that unsealing the documents “would cause AT&T great harm and potentially jeopardize AT&T’s network, making it vulnerable to hackers, and worse.”

Yea, right… they’ve been caught doingsomething wrong, and they’re afraid that the government (whose program of spying they’ve been supporting) will leave them high and dry to take the fall. Pres. Bush certainly doesn’t need anymore negative press. the White House press release will say something to the effect of, “We are shocked and appalled that such a trusted purveyor of public communication technologies was complicit in actions not condoned by this government. Should the allegations prove true, we will make certain that they are subject to the harshest penalties of the law.” Or, something to that effect. Alternatively, magically, the critical documents will disappear (or simply not allowed as evidence), and the EFF will have no case against AT&T. What we need is more evidence that can’t be sealed. Anyone?

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