What is with the South?

March 21st, 2006

Ok, so I understand that there is this concept of states rights; that each state is able to make whatever laws they see fit as long as they generally don’t go against the Bill of Rights or federal constitution. I get this. But, I don’t get the laws that legislators think they should be making.

Take for instance the outlawing of sex toys in Mississippi – it is illegal to own, operate, or sell devices for the purpose of sexual genital arousal. Now, I know that not everyone uses, has used, or ever wants to use sex toys, but why take that right away from all people? How many people have been killed by sex toys? I don’t know the answer to that question, but I’m sure it’s not that many. Why not make some laws about things that really matter instead of pushing a moral agenda that not everyone shares. Heck, you outlaw sex toys and people are just going to go somewhere else for their sexual gratification.

Mississippi isn’t alone either. Alabama, Georgia, and Texas all have laws restricting sex toys. Nashville legislators have proposed a similar, yet slightly more enlightened law. You see, these legilsators aren’t stifling the hunt for knowledge. They plan to let the academics keep their sex toys as long as they are subjects of study. Hmmm… sounds like a much more interesting and engaging dissertation topic.

I read a comment on someone’s blog that states have the right to legislate morality, however that right ends when it becomes unconstitutional. I just wish that the Circuit and Supreme courts would uphold the constitution rather than the moral agendas of a few. How many more years until our country publicly recognizes the fact that adults should be able to make decisions about their own sexuality without the state butting in. People say that this is a free country. Compared to other countries maybe, but taken on its own, I don’t know how true that statement is.

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