March 16th, 2006

I’m actually happy with how things are going this week. When last week seemed as though life was pure bleakness, I didn’t know how I could continue forward. But, this week: my mom came home from the hospital, I have re-coverslipped half of my messed up slides, I went to the library and took got the articles I’ve been needing for weeks, and I started working out regularly again. So, all told, things are looking up and I am happy about it.

this weekend I’ll be attending the Sacramento Regional Science Fair. I’m interested in interviewing a few of the top students about their projects and experiences for a short pre-produced piece I’m putting together for my radio show. Last year I judged the competition, which was incredible fun. The day was really long, and it was difficult to pick a winner there were so many amazing projects. I’m sure this year will only be better.

And, finally, as St. Patrick Day looms upon us, check out this tidbit. All is not well in Ireland. find out why the favorite holiday of so many around the world is being called “the most depressing and dangerous” day of the year. However, I know that come tomorrow evening I will most likely be celebrating my Irish heritage instead of wallowing in depression for the old country.

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