Did you feel it?

March 1st, 2006

So, according to my friends in the Bay Area, there was an earthquake today. I didn’t feel a thing being in Davis and far enough away from most epicenters to be clueless. However, as I sit here in my safe little town thinking about what I am going to do with myself when my dissertation in finished, it strikes home that there really isn’t anyplace safe to live. California, wherever I may go, is earthquake prone; the next BIG ONE due to hit either the Hayward faultline in the north or the San Andreas in the south. Whether I live in SF or LA, I’ll be screwed eventually either way. Living in New York seems like the safest option, but it’s far from home and suffers from deathly hot summers on the tail end of bitter cold winters (even though this year has been especially mild as far as winters go nevermind the blizzard). Florida has too many hurricanes, and the center of the country is constantly on tornado watch. If only it weren’t so dull in small towns I might actually be happy to stay put and live out the small town life.

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