Piling higher and deeper

February 22nd, 2006

My home office is a disaster. Somehow in the past 5 months of bi-coastal existence, I managed to totally destroy any system of organization I may have previously had. The piles of papers are teetering, the bills threaten to attack. My Ph.D couldn’t seem further away.

I’ve been trying to make bits of progress on cleaning up the space in the past few days since I’ve been home. Maybe it’s the dread of actually having to get work done that holds me back. I don’t know. The bill collectors might be the force that inspires me to get the place back in ship-shape first.

I start back on the research on Monday. Maybe I should call my advisors to let them know that I was gone for another month and a half… that maybe they shouldn’t expect the dissertation chapter drafts anytime soon. The research will be the easy part, tedious, but easy. It’s the analysis and writing that has me worried. For some reason, I am petrified of putting my ideas about my research down on paper. I’ve been working toward this point for 6 years. I should be excited to be so close to finishing. Instead, it just has me scared.

Swallow the fears, my dear, and just get it done. One thing at a time. The desk first.

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