Is it really a losing battle?

January 31st, 2006

I feel that it is ever so important to comment on this story I found in the newswires. It states that abortion rights activists are facing a losing battle. Now, I know that there are many people in our government who are openly anti-abortion, including our president, and that we are looking at an anti-abortionist being voted into the supreme court. But, it can’t be a losing battle. Our country seems to be evenly split in terms of opinion, but many polls fail to recognize the huge numbers of people who have no opinion, or don’t think it should be a matter of discussion in our government.

The head of NARAL has even said that she believes “Roe will be dismantled.” It’s a future I don’t want to face, or have my children face. Since public sentiment seems so evenly balanced, it’s obviously a radical few who are pushing their agendas. And, there has got to be a way to overcome the minority voice with rational thought. If people have any sentiment on this issue, they should be writing their congressmen. For even though, there may be a biased opinion in our supreme court that doesn’t mean that legislation will be passed. If people voice their opinion like the few who are so vocal in opposition, there will be progress.

There probably are changes afoot. I’m sorry to see such a devolution in our populous that we are allowing religious sentiment interfere with public policy. Anti-abortionists want us to think of the children, which is fine. I say think of the children and don’t bring them into the world if they are unwanted. Don’t bring them into a world that won’t care for them. Think of the children and have some decency to give them a chance at a good life. Get the politicians to make laws that will protect children, their education, and their futures. Change the infrastructure before taking away rights and you won’t need to take those rights away. Science is learning more and more about our development, and that information should inform us, enabling us to make better decisions that don’t take away a woman’s right to choose, and protect children at the same time.

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