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August 3rd, 2005

This summer is an amazingly intense time for me. I’m working on the dissertation that will allow me to enter the hallowed halls of brainiacs around the world (or are they all just really hard-workers?). I’m trying to get my radio show more exposure and am working hard at various related improvements. I’m also travelling more than I’ve ever travelled, and I’m getting ready to go to New York for three months. I don’t know how I’ll keep the show going while I’m across the country from both my co-host and our studio, but we’re looking at various options that are only available due to the advances of technology.

I’ve recently been looking into Skype as an option to link us via the internet. It has both computer to computer and computer to phone options. I believe that it also is video enabled now (video would be fun… I could see what Justin’s doing in the studio while we’re on the air). The only drawback that I have heard of is sound quality… I need something that reliably keeps me from sounding like I’m at the end of a tin-can phone.

An additional idea has been to see if the television station I’ll be working at has an ISDN hookup. ISDN has great sound quality, but doesn’t have video capabilities as far as I’m aware. The final question would be whether the tv station would be willing to support my radio venture by allowing me to connect to the Davis radio station using their ISDN for an hour each week. Hrm… we’ll see.

Any other ideas would be helpful. I really love doing my show, and can’t imagine leaving it while I’m away. So, I’m looking for an easy way to connect to KDVS from New York in order to do the show with Justin remotely. There’s gotta be an easy way, right?

Even so, I have approximately six weeks before I leave for NY, at least 2 of which I can completely write off in terms of getting anything productive done (travelling to San Diego, Washington D.C., and Burning Man). Maybe I’ll give everything up and focus on fire hoops instead…

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