How Far Can it Go?

May 25th, 2005

I learned this morning that the House of Reps. has passed two bills related to stem cell research. The first, which would ease restrictions on federal funding of stem cell research to allow the use of IVF leftovers, passed at 238-194 with the majority of supporters being Democrats, but a suprising number of Republicans crossed the line as well. Although supported by many, this bill did not have the votes to beat a presidental veto. It will next go to the Senate for a vote. The second bill was almost unanimously passed (only one crazy libertarian detractor!), and will increase funding for adult and umbilical cord stem cell research.

While both of these bills will be supremely beneficial to stem cell research, only the first is up for a fight. It lacks majority support because people are simplifying it to an abortion/right-to-life issue. It is sad to me that people can’t see past that over-simplification to the truth of the lives that embryonic stem cells have the potential to save.

I think that the use of the term embryo is unfortunate. Most people envision a fetus when they hear the word embryo; something that they can picture as having human characeristics. The stage of development during which stem cells are collected though, is a simple ball of cells about as far from having human traits as I am from becoming an eagle.

Let’s get things straight people. We need to figure out how to help the living live before we fight over the unborn.

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