May 19th, 2005

Yes, I was one of the few who thought it necessary to see the first showing of Star Wars at the midnight showing at the local theatre. What can I say?

I stood in line over night to see Episode 1. Now, that was a let down. This time around, we only got to the theatre two hours ahead of launch. We were almost the last in line. Whatever. I got to see the movie with my friends. It was my husband’s birthday yesterday, and is my friend Anne’s today. So, what a birthday bunch we were. I bought an ice cream cake that we couldn’t finish. I was amazed at how much trouble I had giving it away to other people in line. I would have thought that people in line for Star Wars would have been a much more comraderic type of group. Eventually the cake was given to a very appreciative bunch of revelers.

Now, as for the movie… I loved it. Lucas turned it around in the last installment of his epic story. The loose ends were tied. I left the theatre feeling satisfied.

However, The acting on the part of Hayden was still epically bad. That boy needs to take some more acting lessons! The writing was typically Star Wars bad in parts. I almost gagged during some of the romantic scenes. They were barely believable in their overwrought sincerity. We were bashed over the head with the yin and the yang of the story. Like I couldn’t have understood the good and the bad in people on my own without having it reiterated by every character. I don’t understand why Lucas can’t simply have evil characters any more. Everyone has to have some aspect of comic relief. I never thought the original Star Wars was a comedy. Darth Vader was always purely evil. Now he’s got a funny bone. What’s with General Grievous’ hacking cough?!? I don’t think that I will ever understand.

Anyway, in all a good flick that I think will satsfy most who watch it.

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